Site Unseen – The Strange New Times

A free independent B+W zine available in print or online.

It’s a UK-based publication with art, music, skateboarding, snowboarding and much more besides. Cheers to editor Nick for letting us know about it.

You can read it at theSNT


Site Unseen – Skate[Slate]

If you’re yet to catch the longboard bug then this site might act as a vector for infection. Great news, gear, riders, events and vids from the US. There’s some serious shit going down in the contests these days. Check out Kyle Chin (below) during his run in the recent Maryhill Festival of Speed.

Look out for photos of the Amartist editors bombing hills in issue 3.

And check out Skate[Slate]

Site Unseen – Wilma The Peacock

A collection of amazing fashion photography. No information about the author is given, none is really required.

Daria Werbowy. Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Abbey Lee Kershaw and Catherine McNeil. Photo by Greg Kadel

Alina B. Photo by Steven Chee

Give it a good butcher’s here.

Site Unseen – Daniela Huhurez

Using pen and ink, Romanian-born Daniela has a knack for including symmetry, asymmetry, rhythm and balance in her pieces. She currently lives and exhibits her work in Manchester.

You can see more artwork at Daniela’s website or at her Artzu Gallery page.

Site Unseen – California Is A Place

Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari are producing, directing and shooting a series of short films about overlooked aspects of Californian culture. After creating some really high quality (both content and filming) shorts on scraper bikes, the harrowing tales of US-Mexico border control, and ‘Big Vinny’ the latest is focussed on pool skating in Fresno. Watch the films and find out why they made them here.

Site Unseen – Apenest

Prints are a pretty cheap way to get some art hanging in your residence. Apenest, run by two creative and experimental artists, publishes small runs of prints on an ongoing basis. Working with artists directly and making the prints themselves by hand they produce some high quality, affordable art.

Passion - Bill Dunlap

Apenest also put together a book once a year and silk-screen some wild T-shirts.

See more at the Apenest website.

Site Unseen – Damarak The Destroyer

Chicago-born Damara Kaminecki creates collages, illustration, prints, books and travels around the New York area for her job as a freelance illustrator.

Someone with the same surname (might be her brother) runs a custom steel bikes company.

Click over to Damarak the Destroyer.

Might want to have a look at Kaminecki Custom Steel Bicycles as well.

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