Collaborative Wallpaper Series

The first in a series of collaborative desktop wallpapers are now available to download. After each issue we’ll be collaborating with an artist/photographer to give you some shit-hot wallpapers to use. First up is Carlos NCT (fresh from his interview in Issue 2). Check out the following selection and click the links below each image to get the mega-ultra size for your desktop.

Collaborative Wallpaper Series – Carlos NCT (Flanking Olympus Mons)

Collaborative Wallpaper Series – Carlos NCT (The Descent Of The Arkhs)


Issue 2 Content Update

We’ve just put together a lengthy, in-depth interview with Carlos Nunez de Castro Torres an artist from Valencia. He talks about the method behind the ‘insanity’ of his sci-fi work.

Preliminary release date for Issue 2:

Middle of May

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