Content Update – Jope Cover

Jope has just finished an amazing cover in biro for issue 3. It’s so complex it hurts. For an idea of the style see the sketch below, which he used as a test. Imagine the complexity and style multiplied by 10 and you might be getting somewhere close. Thanks Jope.

Jope Lines


Issue 3 Content Update – Christian Stearry

Recently interviewed Toronto skater/artist/photographer Christian Stearry.

He told us of his illustrated zine and living near Lake Ontario along with other interesting jazz.
Christian on the experience: “The whole process was pretty exciting and spirit boosting! The zine is great, and I’m stoked to be posted up next to some of the other great artists you’ve got in there.”
Some of his best work and the full interview will be on show in Issue 3.

Site Unseen – Damarak The Destroyer

Chicago-born Damara Kaminecki creates collages, illustration, prints, books and travels around the New York area for her job as a freelance illustrator.

Someone with the same surname (might be her brother) runs a custom steel bikes company.

Click over to Damarak the Destroyer.

Might want to have a look at Kaminecki Custom Steel Bicycles as well.

Paintings and Illustration by Paco Martos

Paco Martos is an artist living in Santiago de Compostela, in the north-west of Spain. He is the director of art in a publishing agency there.

'Worlds of ink and paper'


There’s loads more of Paco’s work in his Spraygraphic portfolio and Photostream.

Site Unseen – Coro36ink

Check out this amazing work from a San Francisco-based artist Coro who’s part of the Massive Black artwork company. Coro’s site features concept art, oil painting, illustration and drawings.


Massive Black

Issue 2 Content Update – J. Jesús Fernández

Jesus got in touch about his illustration and graphic design. Couldn’t turn down the opportunity to ask him a few short questions and put together a small feature for issue 2.

Illustrations for the book "The maps of the old kingdom by Roberto Diez"

Check out more of his work here:
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