Content Update – Mikael Floysand Interview

Just finished an interview with Mikael Floysand, a sharp graphic designer from Bergen in Norway. Check issue 3 for his interview, featuring “goat slaughtering, art school, and lasting impressions”


Issue 3 Content Update – Christian Stearry

Recently interviewed Toronto skater/artist/photographer Christian Stearry.

He told us of his illustrated zine and living near Lake Ontario along with other interesting jazz.
Christian on the experience: “The whole process was pretty exciting and spirit boosting! The zine is great, and I’m stoked to be posted up next to some of the other great artists you’ve got in there.”
Some of his best work and the full interview will be on show in Issue 3.

Issue 2 Content Update – Marq Spusta (Pro Spotlight)

Graphics for Ryan Bingham by Marq Spusta

Sketch for Dinoaur Jr album cover

Currently pulling together an interview with Marq Spusta for the Pro Spotlight. We’ll be talking about Dinosaur Jr album artwork, spirit angels guiding grassy giants to an evergreen eden and more.

Issue 2 Content Update – Alex Johnston Photography

An interview with photographer and skateboarder Alex Johnston is almost polished off. We talk about the homeless of Amsterdam, Sidewalk and skateboarder Pablo Aresu.

More of Alex’s photos on his stylish website.

Issue 2 Content Update

We’ve just put together a lengthy, in-depth interview with Carlos Nunez de Castro Torres an artist from Valencia. He talks about the method behind the ‘insanity’ of his sci-fi work.

Preliminary release date for Issue 2:

Middle of May

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