Site Unseen – Thrasher (Retro Issues)

Old issues of Thrasher are available to browse through on their website.

Here’s a couple of spread samples from the some late 80’s

Spread 1

Spread 2

More far out board designs and Thrasher issues here


Issue 3 Content Update – Christian Stearry

Recently interviewed Toronto skater/artist/photographer Christian Stearry.

He told us of his illustrated zine and living near Lake Ontario along with other interesting jazz.
Christian on the experience: “The whole process was pretty exciting and spirit boosting! The zine is great, and I’m stoked to be posted up next to some of the other great artists you’ve got in there.”
Some of his best work and the full interview will be on show in Issue 3.

Issue 2 Content Update – Alex Johnston Photography

An interview with photographer and skateboarder Alex Johnston is almost polished off. We talk about the homeless of Amsterdam, Sidewalk and skateboarder Pablo Aresu.

More of Alex’s photos on his stylish website.

Ride The sky – Jamie thomas – Fallen

My favourite skate video part of all time – at the moment. Clean riding throughout and incredibly well shot

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